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There are 27 laboratories and 31 doctoral tutors at NIBS. The major research directions are as followed: biochemistry and molecular biology, neurobiology, developmental biology, structural biology and pharmaceutical chemistry.
  • Xiaodong Wang, Ph.D.

    Xiaodong Wang, Ph.D.

    Director and Investigator, NIBS, Beijing, China

    Member of the National Academy of Sciences, USA

    Phone:010-80726688 Fax: 010-80726673 E-mail:wangxiaodong@www.therelationalmarketer.com

  • Feng Shao, Ph.D.

    Feng Shao, Ph.D.

    Investigator and Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, NIBS, Beijing, China

    Phone:010-80726688-8560 Fax: 010-80728046 E-mail:shaofeng@www.therelationalmarketer.com

  • Minmin Luo, Ph.D.

    Minmin Luo, Ph.D.

    Investigator, NIBS, Beijing, China

    Phone:010-80726688-8320 Fax: 010-80723342 E-mail:luominmin@www.therelationalmarketer.com

  • Rongwen Xi, Ph.D.

    Rongwen Xi, Ph.D.

    Investigator, NIBS, Beijing, China

    Phone:010-80726688-8510 Fax: 010-80723249 E-mail:xirongwen@www.therelationalmarketer.com

  • Li-Lin Du, Ph.D.

    Li-Lin Du, Ph.D.

    Investigator, NIBS, Beijing, China

    Phone:010-80726688-8505 Fax: 010-80726689 E-mail:dulilin@www.therelationalmarketer.com

  • Niu Huang, Ph.D.

    Niu Huang, Ph.D.

    Associate Investigator, NIBS, Beijing, China

    Phone:010-80726688-8570 Fax: 010-80726689 E-mail:huangniu@www.therelationalmarketer.com

  • Wenhui Li, Ph.D.

    Wenhui Li, Ph.D.

    Investigator, NIBS, Beijing, China

    Phone:010-80726688-8580 Fax: 010-80726689 E-mail:liwenhui@www.therelationalmarketer.com

  • Meng-Qiu Dong, Ph.D.

    Meng-Qiu Dong, Ph.D.

    Assistant Investigator, NIBS, Beijing, China

    Phone:010-80726688-8515 Fax: 010-80706053 E-mail:dongmengqiu@www.therelationalmarketer.com

  • Xinjian He, Ph.D.

    Xinjian He, Ph.D.

    Associate Investigator, NIBS, Beijing,China

    Phone:010-80726688-8555 Fax: 010-80707715 E-mail:hexinjian@www.therelationalmarketer.com

  • E. Erquan Zhang, Ph.D.

    E. Erquan Zhang, Ph.D.

    Associate Investigator, NIBS, Beijing,China

    Phone:010-80726688-8605 Fax: 010-80727512 E-mail:zhangerquan@www.therelationalmarketer.com